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Medu Vada: Straight To Saravanaa Bhavan For South Indian Food

Wherever you go in the world, the attraction to traditional food never dies, especially when you spend your childhood or adulthood in a specific region or country. However, traveling is part of life. The world has become very close due to the various facilities. But what is better if you have the facility of traditional south Indian food near you.

If you are not from India but searching for Indian food, you are in the right place. We are Saravanaa Bhavan in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France. We are working with the promise to provide fresh food in your city.


About Medu Vada

South Indian foods are famous due to their unique taste. These foods are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Did you know about Medu Vada? Medu vada is an ancient south Indian food. This delicious food is commonly part of the everyday life of Indian residents. The history of this food is associated with Karnataka, south India. However, Medu Vada has different names in different regions like ulundu vadai, medhu vadai, etc. It seems like donuts; that’s why it is called “Indian donut” in India. It is traditionally served with Sāmbhar and coconut chutney.

If you are looking for the best place for your breakfast, Saravanaa Bhavan is one of the best Indian food restaurants near you in Europe. South Indian Medu Vada is special for breakfast. But you are always welcome to enjoy yourself with us. However, it can be served for lunch, dinner, or snacks. Moreover, you can enjoy it as a starter before your main course meal. This regional food is prepared with lentils and special Indian spices. Additionally, you can add more spices and yogurt with coconut chutney. It will enhance its taste. Once you taste with us, we promise you will never feel regret.


Medu Vada- The Best Choice To Kick Energy 

As we already mentioned, it is a better option for breakfast. But why?
It is important to share its nutrient values because health is the priority to stay happy. We are preparing our food with fresh ingredients. And same as we are using unique Indian lentils and spices to maintain their traditional value. The roots of Medu Vada are linked with tropical areas of south India, which are famous due to their cultivation of lentils. It means to enjoy this food title of “south Indian food” is not enough, so we are providing the authentic taste. Black lentil is an essential ingredient. And black lentils are rich in vitamin B, proteins, calcium, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium.

This food is the best substitute for meat. So, vegetarian and vegan people are free to consume this food. Its use is best for the health of nails and hair due to its calcium and magnesium content. So enjoy our services for a stronger start to the day. It will keep your stomach smiling.


How are we preparing south Indian Medu vada? 

Do you know the meaning of Medu Vada? Meaning of Medu is “soft” and meaning of Vada is “fritter.” So it is necessary to justify its delicious meanings. And it must look the same as its name. But its traditional texture depends on the ratio of ingredients. To make it possible, we are working with our professional chefs. Our chefs have been offering their services for years with us.

Let’s explore how they are preparing:
Basic ingredients:

– Urad Dal (Split Black Lentil)

– Green Chilies

– Ginger

– Cumin Seeds

– Onion

– Salt

– Oil for frying

Note: these are the essential ingredients. There are a lot of other elements to make a variety of Madu Vada.


How to prep? 

It requires an Overnight soaked blended lentil mixed with greens and other Indian spices. Make donut shapes and fry to make them golden. It’s simple, but we are adding more taste with years of experience. Whenever you will want to satisfy yourself with home-like food, please visit Saravanaa Bhavan in Europe. You will feel as if you are not far away from your hometown. Our fresh food is our identity.

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