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Idly, Vada And Sambar Combo At Saravanaa Bhavan

It is the best time to enjoy fermented south Indian food in Europe. Getting traditional food according to your taste is difficult, especially while traveling or outside your country. Our place Saravanaa Bhavan is stunning for everyone to feel satisfied with traditional food. This place is fully registered and licensed according to state laws. We are located in multiple places in Europe like Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France. We got the attention of the public through our authentic south Indian taste. There are a lot of places serving south Indian food, but if you are craving a home-like feeling, visit us. Europe is diversified with different cultures. But Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis have almost the same taste. We are solution of food related queries like fresh, vegetarian, vegan, halal, and, most importantly, south Indian food. Idly is one of the most common foods in south Indians. We have a special idly along with varieties of chutney. So let’s explore more about idly.


About Idly

This humble, fluffy, and good-looking food is not new in south India. It has a long history, but in short, in the 17th century, South Indians made it diversified according to their needs. Now it is one of the most demanded south Indian food in all over the world.

Are you looking for healthy Indian food near me? Yes, idly of Saravanaa Bhavan is delicious south Indian food in your town. This food is not only tasty but also suitable for those suffering from different health issues like diabetes, calcium deficiencies, etc.

We offer the best food in the town per your health standards. Idly has been part of the diet for years.
This is rich in fiber, proteins, carbs, and calcium. Even if you are facing health issues and trying to switch your food habits, nothing is better than idly. Use it as a baby step to moving forward. We know you are highly interested in how these fluffy pillows are cooked. We are here to tell you about the preparation process. Our certified chefs are making this food for you.

How to prepare? 

This healthy food is very simple to prepare. But it has a lot of variations from region to region. People make it diversified. Idly is commonly used in breakfast, but it is a good snack; it is suitable to enjoy for lunch or dinner. However, we will explain its essential preparation. Its preparation included four steps:

– Sacking

– Blending

– Fermenting

– Steaming

It requires overnight soaked Black lentils (urad dal) and parboiled rice. Blend lentils and rice with water separately and mix in a large bowl. But using a high-quality blender to make the smooth batter is recommended. Mix salt and Leave this batter for eight hours for fermentation. Now the batter is ready. Now grease this idly mold and transfer it for steaming. It will take a few minutes to get ready.

This food is highly nutritious. Idly is one of the best options for breakfast. Additionally, it is suitable for digestion problems and weight loss. Sambar helps with digestion problems. We are also serving idly with Gunpowder. This spice mix is a special south Indian unique spice. You can make your event more fascinating by using traditional south Indian foods.

Please explore the menu we are offering:


Steamed rice pancake served with varieties of chutney, sambar & Gun powder

Idly Vada Sambar

Steamed rice pancake and fried lentil doughnut served with chutney, sambar & Gun powder varieties.

South Indian idli and Medu Vada are prepared with the same basic batter recipe. In idly Vada sambar means idly and Medu Vada on the same platter. You are free to enjoy fried Indian donuts and fluffy rice pillows simultaneously with spicy chutney and gunpowder.

Always visit us to enjoy the best food at Saravanaa Bhavan. You can visit us in multiple cities in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France.

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