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Saravanaa Bhavan Dosa: The Way To Enjoy The South Indian Food

The world has become too fast. You are free to travel around the world. Europe is a place where diversified nations live or visit Europe daily. But do you know what could be a fundamental problem when you are outside your home or even outside the country? It’s food. At the same time, you are blessed if you have options to enjoy the homemade taste of south Indian food in Europe.


Do you want to taste traditional south Indian food? What could be a better option than Dosa? So, we are Saravanaa Bhavan, located in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France.

Are you searching for the best south Indian food near me? Your search has ended. We are your destination.

We are offering traditional Dosa with genuine south Indian taste. You will enjoy the unique taste of our professional chefs. If you are from India, we know you are well aware of Dosa. Don’t worry if you are not from Southern India and have never tasted this crispy crepe before, don’t worry. Let’s take the first bite, and we hope you will start loving our special South Indian Dosa. It is believed that Dosa is South Indian rooted food and has been known for hundreds of years in India. This food is a kick-start of your day and this amazing crepe will make your day special.

If you are searching for Vegan food near me in Germany, our Dosa is the result of your search. Dosa is the best choice for those with a wheat allergy. We are serving special Dosa for vegetarians. It has low calories and many carbs because this traditional food is prepared with rice and lentils. It has a healthy amount of proteins due to a satisfying ratio of lentils.

South Indian food is healthy and prepared with fresh ingredients. Several Indian restaurants in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France offer south Indian food, but we will serve you with good taste.

Variety Of Dosa

We are offering a variety of Dosa, including:

– Plain Dosa

– Masala Dosa

– Cheese Dosa

– Cheese Masala Dosa

– Milagaipodi Dosa


Now let’s discuss its ingredients. These are the essential ingredients for all types of Dosa.

– Chana dal (Bengal lentil)

– Urad dal (skinned black lentil)

– Methi dana (fenugreek seed)

– Rice

– Salt

– Poha (Flattened rice)

Ratios of all ingredients depend on preferences.


Plain Dosa:

As time passed, Dosa got more popular worldwide. And people add value to Dosa according to their taste, region, and preferences. But the plain thin crepe is the same as it was hundreds of years ago in South India. In older south Indian Traditions, Dosa was only used for breakfast, but now you can enjoy it for lunch or dinner.

How to prep:

4-6 hours Soaked Lentils, fenugreek seed, rice, and poha are required for blending the batter. And rest the batter for 8 hours for proper fermentation.

Add salt to this bubbled and fermented batter. Use the greased non-stick pan for cooking your delicious, round, crispy plain Dosa. Enjoy your crepe with your required sauces or spicy curry.

Masala Dosa:

The recipe of Masala Dosa changes region by region, but we are serving the original south Indian Masala Dosa recipe. But if you are vegetarian or like vegan food, then Dosa is only for you. It is a delicious combination of lentils and rice crepe stuffed with spicy masala potatoes. Dosa is prepared the same as plain Dosa, but it is served with our special spicy potatoes. However, we are preparing spicy potatoes with roasted spices. The aroma of authentic Indian spices makes it more attractive and mouthwatering. So, you will feel a home-like taste in the busy life of Europe.

Cheese Dosa:

What could be fluffier than cheese Dosa? We are serving Dosa with the stuffing of cheddar cheese. However, if you are bored with plain Dosa, enjoy the twist of fresh cheese stuffed in Dosa. It is a lovely combo of lentils, rice, and cheese. However, give a solid kick to taste with our Special Madras Coffee.

Cheese Masala Dosa:

We know you were seeking something spicy with cheese. So we are here with our Dosa stuffed with cheese and spicy potatoes. However, this is a unique combination of rice, lentils, cheese, and vegetables (onion and potatoes). You are free to enjoy your Dosa bites with sauces. Additionally, we have something Indian special. Yes, we have a special milk tea. Combining cheese masala Dosa with tea will give you an out-of-the-world feeling.

Milagaipodi Dosa:

We are offering this unique south Indian Milagaipodi spice mix with Dosa. So, our Milagaipodi Dosa combines lentils, rice, dry chilies, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and other fresh Indian spices. On the last note: Enjoy the taste of authentic south Indian foods with us; please visit Saravanaa Bhavan in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France.

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