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Appetizing Cauliflower Manchurian – With Saravanaa Bhavan Europe

People are traveling around the world due to trade diversities. They are getting jobs in other countries and starting to live in other countries. In this case, Europe always welcomes all nations here. Indians are in bulk in European countries. In this diverse world, people share their food and traditions. By sharing foods, customs, and cultures, we are experiencing fusion in all fields of life.
So, why should not restaurants in Europe adopt these trends? So, if you are searching for the best south Indian food near me? Saravanaa Bhavan is near to you. We started our food chain from India. Then as time passed, we thought of giving food solutions outside India. Till now we are in 22 countries with hundreds of outlets. However, South Indian food is our specialty because south Indian food is considered one of the healthiest foods worldwide. Moreover, this food is different from central India. The taste of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis in other Asian countries is almost the same. So, they all are welcome to Saravanaa Bhavan for delicious food.

We are offering food for vegetarians, vegans, and health-conscious people. So, visit us confident we will serve you as per your requirements. Let’s talk about a portion of fusion food, “Cauliflower Manchurian.” This is an Indian and Chinese food combination.

About Cauliflower Manchurian

Hello Foodies,
If you are from India or have ever eaten Cauliflower Manchurian in India, you must know that it is a famous Indo-Chinese dish. And it is renowned for its Indian name, “Gobi Manchurian.”
And do you know about the specialty of this combo dish? This is a fantastic food that welcomes all vegetarians to Indian dining.  This food is one of the most uncomplicated foods. It is easy to make at home in a short time. But if you are outside and want to enjoy this food from a restaurant, then nothing is better than Saravanaa Bhavan. Not only Indians but this dish also caters to our Chinese friends. Enjoying with your friends outside Indo-Chinese cuisine is best. India is fertile land for cultivating delicious cauliflower at home. That’s why they have a matchless taste.

We are also providing a home-like taste here. South Indian food is one of the most researched queries on browsers in Europe, but getting delicious fresh food near you is not easy. However, Saravanaa Bhavan offers good tastes like authentic south Indian food. Cauliflower Manchurian is comparatively different from other Indian Manchurians. Crispy deep-fried cauliflower (Gobi) with a thick coat of fresh sauce gives out-of-the-world flavor.

Preparation Of Cauliflower Manchurian

This simple and sleek food can be taken as an appetizer or a snack. There are a lot of variations in its making due to the contribution of all Indian rejoins in its recipe. However, you can order dry, spicy Cauliflower Manchurian or can ask for little gravy. You can also consider it a side dish with simple or fried rice if you need it in your main course meal. Our professional chefs make food with their expertise. Let’s discuss its ingredients and preparation.

These are the essential ingredients used for Cauliflower Manchurian:

– Cauliflower

For the coating batter:
– All-purpose flour
– Corn flour
– Rice flour
– Egg
– Ginger-Garlic paste
– Red Chili
– Salt
– water
For Manchurian coating sauce:
– Onion
– Garlic
– Salt
– Green chilies
– Soya Sauce
– Tomato Ketchup
– Vinegar
– Coriander

Mix all ingredients with all-purpose flour and make a smooth mixture with water for the coating of cauliflower. Now deep fry small chunks of cauliflower after a layer of batter.
Take another pan for preparing Manchurian sauce. Cook all ingredients well and mix fried cauliflower in it. It is ready to serve. We are served immediately with a sprinkle of dry spices or herbs and unique sauces. After reading this article, you will surely visit us to enjoy home-like food. Please visit Saravanaa Bhavan in Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and France. You will feel as if you are not far away from your hometown. Our fresh food is our identity.

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